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FieldPRO’s users opinions

"We had a recent drought in our area and even with the onset of rains, which apparently would help, we looked on the FieldPRO application that the water capacity in the soil was not increasing. We waited for up to three rains before we started planting. It may be that at some point the sensor is not as valued until you have it! Once you use it, you will consult it daily to make more assertive decisions."

Deivid Assis

Agronomist Engineer at Lar Cooperativa Agroindustrial.

"We participated in the development of many features of the solution and the results were very promising. The cooperative always sees from the perspective of innovation how data helps in decision making. FieldPRO brings a democratization of access to information and offers something that the rural producer understands."

Vinicius Vitorelli

Strategic Planning Analyst at Integrada Agroindustrial Cooperative

"The FieldPRO platform is presented to the user in a very didactic way and can help both large companies and small farmers in the best decision making for the management of their crops (planting-harvesting-applications of pesticides). The installation process is simple and it operates with high-speed data transmission.

Murilo Gasparoto

Manager at São Manoel Sugar Mill.

"FieldPRO's fairly short innovation cycle is impressive. We followed their development process and within a few months the team already had a new version of the product. This is not a technology made only in a lab, they took into account the rural producer experience."

André Peretti

Chief of operations in the area of innovation at Belagrícola

Soil sampling takes a lot of time and has high cost, impairing the dynamic day-to-day running of the farming activity. FieldPRO's devices perform faster monitoring of this, making evaluations so that the producer's decisions for the following season are based on the results of the current season and not only on yield results. It's a flow of reliable information that turns into good economic activity and promotes benefits to the environment."

Ricardo Ralisch

PhD in Agronomy from State University of Londrina (UEL)

"FieldPRO system features a user-friendly interface and promises to be innovative in terms of monitoring soil and climate conditions, allowing better management of field operations and generating valuable inputs for agricultural planning. It's also very interesting to have a harvest estimate through details of the soil conditions for plant development, which is given with the value of the local water balance."

Fabio Luiz Consoni

Supervisor at São Manoel Sugar Mill

"We are very optimistic with the parameters analyzed by the FieldPRO device. Even the value proposition of the product is far ahead of conventional weather stations. We are quite confident with this partnership.

Marcelo Bastos

Superintendent of the technology department at Coopercitrus

"The greatest advantage of the product is being able to offer specific information for each area that the producer needs to monitor in real time, at low cost and with good quality of information. This allows farmers, lenders, dealers and the value chain as a whole to monitor what is happening in the field to reduce uncertainty about the result up front."

Mauro Nunes

Senior Trade Finance with long experience in Agribusiness in Latin America

"I believe that the great thing about the FieldPRO device is that it is mobile and easy to install, and it maintains reliability in the collection of field data that are used for decision making. Besides that, it has a low cost application to the user for data management."

Danilo Barbosa

Supervisor at São Manoel Sugar Mill

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