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We measure the microclimate within the crop canopy, we know that the values measured by weather stations suffer temperature differences due to the structure and surface of the soil, as well as architecture and distribution of the plants.

Our soil sensors are positioned at 10, 20 and 40 cm deep to monitor the health of the plant in the root system throughout the production cycle.

For efficient phytosanitary monitoring, we measure the hours of leaf wetting at two heights, on the surface and inside the crop, where various diseases begin to establish themselves.


No cables. No maintenance. The FieldPRO Device is ready to go.


The device is portable. Switch areas whenever you find necessary, according to your monitoring preferences.


We measure the rain volume in the areas of your field, through the impacts of the drops on the head of the FieldPRO Device.

You no longer need maintenance or excessive time to collect precipitation data manually.

Access from your computer,
smartphone or tablet

When purchasing your FieldPRO Sensor, subscribe to our software to view all data.

Technology is simple, effective and accessible.

Initial Plan
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Humidity monitoring
  • Rain monitoring
  • Wind monitoring
  • Plant monitoring
  • Salinity and EC monitoring
  • Phenological plant calendar
  • Management suggestions
  • Activity planning
  • Crop Summary
  • Weather forecast
  • Notifications
  • Climatic history of the field in the last 5 years
  • Wi-fi, SigFox, 2G and 3G connectivity

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Plan Premium
  • Everything from the Initial Plan plus:
  • Accumulation of Degree-Days
  • Water stress and water infiltration into the soil
  • Satellite images of NDVI, NDRE, RECI and MSAVI
  • Indices of photosynthesis and plant growth
  • Vegetation indices in hectares and percentage
  • Chlorophyll content in leaves
  • Vegetation chart of up to five previous years

Learn more about the Premium Plan

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