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Privacy Policy

Last updated: October 6, 2020

This Privacy Policy, referenced in the Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms and Conditions of Use”) of the platform called Neofield (“Neofield Platform”), describes how NEOFIELD TECNOLOGIA E AGRICULTURA DE PRECISAO SA (“Neofield” or “we ”), Registered with CNPJ / MF under no. 31.279.908 / 0001-00, collects and uses information from users (“Users” or “you”) who use the FieldPRO Platform through our websitefieldpro.com.br (“FieldPRO Site”) and application (“FieldPRO Application”), as well as how we treat this information in terms of secrecy, privacy and data protection.

To make this document easier to read, we suggest that you use the index below:

  1. Collection of personal and non-personal data, voluntarily and involuntarily
  2. Public Information
  3. Personal Data and Transfer to Third Parties
  4. Cookies
  5. Advertising, publicity, announcements and notices in general
  6. Corporate Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and other types of Ownership Transfer
  7. Data Deletion
  8. Changing privacy and consent settings
  9. Compliance and Security
  10. Age Policy
  11. Miscellaneous Provisions
  12. Contact, questions and suggestions
  13. Changes to the Privacy Policy


    This document provides information about the data we collect from you from your access to the FieldPRO Platform and how we use it.
    When you create or change your User Account on our Site, you provide us with your personal data. Also, with your access to the FieldPRO Site, we identify your IP address, the configuration of your access system, the type of browser used and what were your actions on the FieldPRO Site.
    During your navigation on your FieldPRO Platform, you will have the opportunity to share with us personal data, such as name, telephone and address, as well as information related to your property (s), such as aspects of the soil, climate, culture, georeferencing, agricultural productivity and field area.
    We collect both data that you share with us on your own, and involuntary data sent automatically through the installed device, your navigation and access to the FieldPRO Site and the FieldPRO Platform. Such data may or may not be considered personal data.
    Read this document carefully, as we deal with the role of your data in relation to our own activity.


    All survey and georeferencing data obtained through the installed device and displayed during navigation on the FieldPRO Platform, either for the User or for any other visitor to the FieldPRO Site, are considered public, aggregated and non-personal information, since they could be freely obtained by satellite images, GPS devices, among others.
    We collect such information from public databases and through possible cross-checking of data from locally installed devices and treat them internally, making it impossible to identify any individual from them. This information does not depend on your consent, nor is it obtained through your voluntary submission, and can be consolidated based on automatic submissions made by the devices. In this way, Public Information can be freely displayed, treated, shared and transferred by us, always with respect to the applicable laws and regulations.


    The personal data we collect from you – voluntary or involuntary – is stored in our database and processed to make it possible:
    (i) carrying out our activities; and
    (ii) the achievement of the presumed purposes of the FieldPRO Platform, in relation to who uses it.
    From the treatment of your data, FieldPRO will be able to continuously improve the analysis of its platform, compare with other data and contribute so that the other Users have more accurate information and forecasts related to agricultural activities.
    As a result of the above, the data collected by the device of your field may be crossed with the data of other devices, anonymously, according to the process described below, so that there is greater precision in the forecast and analysis of other fields. Any anonymous cross-checking of data will be carried out only between the devices, and no specific information from each Field will be disclosed by the FieldPRO Platform. The only exception is made if the holder of the Sensor chooses to share such information with members of his team and / or other persons of interest.
    FieldPRO may carry out an anonymization and / or pseudonymization process of your personal data, in which they are transformed into non-personal data and are mixed with anonymized and pseudonymised data obtained from other Users to make technical studies and analyzes possible, empirical and statistical. Such studies will be carried out by FieldPRO, sometimes with the aim of improving the services and features offered from its platform, or with the objective of carrying out statistical analyzes with the data provided, which may be disseminated for scientific and educational purposes.


    To carry out certain activities, FieldPRO may require the use of Cookies or similar technologies.
    The User must acquire and update the equipment and devices necessary to access and use the FieldPRO Platform according to the technical specifications provided, including accepting the use of Cookies or similar technologies that enable the FieldPRO Platform to function properly.
    FieldPRO may use Cookies or similar technologies for all the purposes set out in the Terms and Conditions of Use, mainly for the personalization of content, advertisements and preferences for setting up the account created by you to use the FieldPRO Platform.


    We may use the information collected in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions of Use to help make our advertising more relevant to you and facilitate the provision of targeted advertisements.
    The feasibility of the above activities presupposes that some data is treated and eventually shared with advertisers and other intermediaries in aggregated and anonymous and / or pseudonymised formats.
    We may also use your personal data to contact you about news related to our platform and information that may be of interest to you, as well as to comply with the terms and conditions of use.
    FieldPRO respects your choice regarding the use of your personal data for advertising activities, news and newsletters in general, so if you want to opt out of receiving advertising based on interests or information that does not concern compliance with our Terms and Conditions of Use or applicable laws and regulations, send an email to contato@fieldpro.com.br.


    FieldPRO may transfer your personal data, for a fee or free of charge, to a third party or successor if you are involved in bankruptcy, judicial or extrajudicial recovery, corporate restructuring, reorganization or sale of assets. You hereby agree that your personal data may be sold or transferred as part of this transaction. This Privacy Policy will apply to your personal data as it is transferred to the new entity (ies).


    If the Terms and Conditions of Use to which you are subject are terminated, for whatever reason, FieldPRO may continue to process your personal data, provided that it does so in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.
    FieldPRO may contact you as a result of any contractual or legal obligation to which it or you are subject, or due to any activity performed by the User on the FieldPRO Platform that depends on a later act, such as a confirmation or response.
    FieldPRO may also continue to process your personal data based on legal and regulatory permits, some of which authorize such treatment regardless of your consent, such as the treatment that makes it possible for FieldPRO to comply with legal obligations to which it may be subject. In the event provided for in this paragraph, the processing of your personal data will comply with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and, where applicable, the Terms and Conditions of Use.


    When accessing your account on the FieldPRO Platform, you will be able, within certain limits, to manage your privacy settings, provided that these changes do not conflict with the provisions of this Privacy Policy or the Terms and Conditions of Use, as applicable.
    In addition, if FieldPRO changes the purpose of using your personal data, you may have to consent to this new purpose, otherwise the partial or total use of our platform may be compromised.


    We take reasonable steps to protect the data we collect, receive or send to you. Your personal data is stored on Google Cloud. In addition, the FieldPRO Site requires HTTPS connections. In addition, we conduct frequent reviews of our security policies in order to keep them up to date with the practices normally adopted by the industry.
    However, we cannot assure you that we are immune from cyber-attacks, hackers and other illegal practices. Consequently, when sharing your personal data with us, you must understand that you are transmitting information at your own risk. In the event of any of the recurrences set out in this paragraph, FieldPRO will notify and inform the User within a reasonable time, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.
    Finally, we highlight that the FieldPRO Platform Site is based in the Federative Republic of Brazil, but part or all of our servers or data stores may reside outside of Brazil, which means that the information you share with us may be transferred to other countries.


    If you are a child or adolescent, that is, if you are under 18, you must obtain the consent of your parents or guardian before using the FieldPRO platform.
    By reading this privacy policy and accepting the terms and conditions of use, you declare that your parents or guardian are fully aware of the content and scope of such documents.


    We cannot assure you that your browser will be free of viruses, spam and other types of cyber-attacks. Therefore, we are not responsible for the security of the information you share with external links, websites and other third parties.
    The entire FieldPRO Platform, including, but not limited to, images, logos, layouts, texts and features, belongs to Neofield Tecnologia e Agricultura de Precisão SA, a company based in Brazil. Consequently, all of these elements are protected by Brazilian and international laws regarding intellectual property, such as copyright and industrial property.
    Requirements, legal or administrative proceedings or orders from government authorities may force us to share your personal data with them, which should not, under any circumstances, represent an illegal practice or that is against this Privacy Policy.


    If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions about this Privacy Policy and about your rights regarding the treatment of your personal data, please contact us by e-mail. contato@fieldpro.com.br or through the address below:
    Rua Afonso Braz, 351B Vila Nova Conceição,in the Municipality of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, CEP: CEP: 04511-011.


    This Privacy Policy may be revised periodically to better adapt to technological, legislative and regulatory changes. Any changes in the functionalities offered through the FieldPRO Platform and in the purpose of the treatment of your personal data may also cause changes in this document, which will occur under the sole discretion of FieldPRO and regardless of your consent or prior notice.